Toil and Trouble Tuesday: Ew

Be warned, gentle reader, this story doesn’t end well.

My hubby and I decided to share a sub for lunch and were heading to our usual coffee shop to do some work when I started to feel…slightly queasy.

By the time we got our coffee, I couldn’t drink it. When I tried the drink, I almost got sick. I gave up on the coffee and discovered that my lovely hubby was also nauseous. Time to head home.

I made it to the house before being sick. My husband didn’t.

I have no idea what was wrong with that sub. It tasted fine. But it’s going to be a while before I get a hankering for another one.



Ocean and her window

one customer who doesn't mind the paparazzi

one customer who doesn’t mind the paparazzi

We feed the birds. And they eat. In fact, they’re eating so much, we’re refilling that feeder at least once a week.

They’re not shy either. We walk right by them to get in the house and not only do they not fly away, they continue eating. Some do stop and give us a look, but most keep chomping away. As you can tell by the picture and how close I was when I took it, we don’t intimidate them. They’ve sort of decided the feeder is theirs and they mostly ignore the humans who walk by.

Ocean finds them fascinating. She loves the window. It’s a very tall one and she can sit on the ledge and stare outside all day. And she does…until the sun falls on her and she gets too hot and then asks to go outside where it’s minus 17 Celcius. To cool off.

At first, when she didn’t understand how the window works, Ocean would get all worked up over the birds. So would the birds. It seemed they didn’t appreciate having a hairy dog staring at them while they were eating.

Time has healed all wounds, however. Now, both Ocean and the birds have reached a peaceful agreement. The birds have agreed to ignore Ocean completely and she, in turn, has agreed to continue to watch them eat.

Ocean looking out the window. Her favourite pastime.

Ocean looking out the window. Her favourite pastime.

Miss Fluffy Tail herself.

Miss Fluffy Tail herself.

Isn’t she beautiful?

I thought I’d get a picture of her Fluffiness. And this is the best I could do with our very wiggly Ocean. If you think that tail is fluffy, you should see it when she wags it. It waves back and forth like some sort of hairy version of a cheerleading pom pom.