Saturday morning bliss

It’s a lovely Saturday morning and I’m in heaven. I have my trusty doggies at my feet, softly snoring and sunshine pouring in the window. With no work today, things just look so fantastic.

What’s that? The crack in our ceiling you say? Yeap. That’s still there. Worse, if possible, instead of finding a solution, the structural engineer found water behind the wall.

And remember that scary spider I named Dante? Well, it’s back and, this time, it brought a friend. Obviously, our home is a major spider holiday destination.

Still, who cares? It’s Saturday, the sun is shining, it’s lovely out and there is no work until Monday. I’m in heaven


It’s horrid and even bigger than it looks on this picture. It’s just outside our house. I wondered about getting my hubby to get rid of it somehow.

But then I thought, forget out dogs, this thing is going to protect our home much better. Who in their right mind would go through that?

So, I’ve decided to embrace the horror and call him Dante.