Just because…awww!

Okay, so I follow this blog just because of the ‘cuteness’ factor and there are times when I can’t help but share the pictures. They’re that adorable.

(Credit: wIcked Aww Pics)

Oh my goodness! It’s a baby beaver! How cute is that!

(credit: Attack of the cute)

Introducing the world’s cutest spider

A friend of mine showed me this during lunch at work. She knew I was pretty terrified of spiders and swore this would cure my fear. I didn’t believe her…but since watching the videos, I have to admit, I have a different perspective on those multi-legged guys.

Lucas is absolutely adorable.

If you’re curious as to how he happened to be, here’s the explanation.

Guess who came over for dinner…

I love living in the country.

This little guy came over to nibble at our grass. To the consternation of my two akitas who were determined to get to know him a little better. I made sure that meeting didn’t happen.

A big thank you

Last week’s post was a sad one and you guys were so supportive that I thought, time to thank these guys. I can’t actually go in person and thank each of you, but I can try to, hopefully, make you smile.

I came up with funny animal clips. After all, animals and pets make our lives happier most of the time.

Hee hee!

Okay, that one was just plain cute.


Hee hee!



Awww! That turtle rocks!

I better stop before I start to annoy people. Hope I got a smile. And again, thank you for the wonderful support!




This is completely self-indulgence at its worse. Like too much sugar, I think it can actually rot away your teeth. Look at it at your own risk.












My goodness. No matter how sucky my day is, these little guys just make me smile. Here’s hoping you did too! 😀