No power = One panic-stricken author

This morning, after my usual lovely wake up call via Ocean the-wonder-akita, I turned to look at my clock…to find it blank. We had no power.

We live in the country. Power outages work differently when your only visible neighbours are trees. Yes, the hydro trucks roll out to restore it, but not with the same urgency as in Toronto. When you lose your power in the city, you can reasonably expect it to return in a few hours. In the country, it could be days. Easy.

My first thought was: coffee. Quickly followed by: my computer! We headed out to grab our morning fix and started planning things. The first issue was the cold. It’s a warmer day today (around 0 C), so the water in the pipes wasn’t going to freeze and burst and destroy our house. But it was going to get cold in the house and, if we didn’t have heat in a day or so, those pipes were definitely going to burst.

We called hydro and got the usual automated machine that told us to wait. Without any information or the way to get one (no Google), we started to get fidgety in our darkened house. Every thing we wanted to do suddenly required electricity. Forget coffee or checking your email, basic necessities also need hydro. Hot shower? Need a water heater.  Warmth? need the house heater. Hair dryer? Same. Bathroom? No light. Good luck feeling your way in the dark.

Time to head into the city. We drove getting more and more desperate with each passing home we saw in the dark. And, when we finally spotted a Tim Hortons with power, we were actually cheering.

Even better, this Tim Hortons had Wi-Fi.