Top Posts for 2015

Chosen by you, here are the top 10 posts for this year.

10. To get us going is this post about Heather B. Costa, an aspiring writer who, like many indie authors is incredibly talented.

9. This post came about thanks to a fantastic person, Gene’O. I was thrilled to be part of the idea and still think it was a wonderful initiative.

8. From the awe-inspiring, we’re heading to the plain weird. This post came when I made a strange little discovery in my own home.

7. A definite reader favourite, Posts I loved this week was a definite hit with readers and this one toped the list.

6. This one wasn’t just for laughs, it was true! The horrors that can happen when you lend those precious books out. Readers could definitely relate to my list.

5. Number Five is a post that keeps resurfacing. People just can’t get enough of it and it pops back up in this count down year after year.

4. Though this post is definitely an attempt to make readers laugh, the list is, sadly, a true account of what I did. Sigh.

3. I was just ranting in this one…but somehow readers loved it.

2. This one is another huge hit this year. I did this little post trying to help out those bloggers out there and they certainly paid attention. A huge thanks to Gene’O at Sourcerer (again!) for that great post.

1.The number one post this year happens to be my favourite as well; for the #1000Speak for Compassion. As posts go, this one was a tough one to write. I had no idea what to say…then I just knew.

Before I close off, a huge thank you to everyone of my readers, without whom, I’d be writing to my dogs…and they don’t read that well.


The 5 worst things you can do if your internet is running slow

This weekend, our internet connection was running so slow that it was actually painful to watch. After spending three good hours getting no further ahead, I have compiled a helpful list of things anyone should avoid if their Wi-Fi is acting up.

5. Restart the computer hoping it’s a ‘computer glitch’. Don’t. It won’t work. I tried it three times.

computer frustration

4. Clicking on a link repeatedly hoping that iit’ll load faster.


3. Cursing at the machine. In several languages. I tried it and it only scared the dogs.


2. Calling the internet provider. They’ll keep you waiting for about 45 minutes before you speak to a human being only to let you know that there’s nothing they can do. It’s the weather.

freaked out phone guy

1. Unplugging everything. Once you unplug all those cables, they multiply until you’re surrounded by a never-ending spaghetti-like mass with no idea how to reconnect them.



What worked for me? Leaving the cursed house and going to a coffee shop–with free Wi-Fi.


Top 10 September Posts

These are the top 10 posts according to you!

10. I admitted something a little sneaky in this post.

9. My review for Prophecy of Stones was a huge hit and so is the book!

8. From a long time ago, the importance of tags for bloggers still captures reader interest.

7. This one is a TV-related post about Pride and Prejudice that created instant interest.

6. This one was a total surprise. I rambled on about my reading habits and for some reason, readers loved it!

5. Why some TV Shows rock was a definite hit with you.

4. This one is an oldie and by all rights shouldn’t be here…but this list is reader’s choice. So here it is, my take on change and why I don’t like it.

3. Posts I loved this week are always a hit. Here‘s one that everyone loved.

2. Pet lovers came out in droves for The top 10 signs you’re a dog person.

1. Finally, the top post for September wasn’t actually a surprise, 10 Things you should know before you get a dog was a huge hit with readers. Either that or they simply liked the puppy pictures. 😀

Thank you so much for reading and making September such a hit! You guys are awesome!


Top 10 signs you’re a dog person

10. You spell words like ‘car’ and ‘walk’ even around humans.


9. Your dog eats better than you do.

8. At Christmas, your dog gets presents. Gift wrapped.


7. You have an extra bowl of water on the second floor in case your puppy gets thirsty at night.

6. You have a plastic kiddie pool and baby gates, but no kids.


5. You don’t eat all your steak, so your dog can have a taste.


4. Your pockets are full of empty plastic bags.


3. Your alarm clock is a wet nose and doggie breath.tumblr_l2iov8YPYD1qankfgo1_500

2. If your dog doesn’t like someone, you don’t either.



1. You can handle a person dying in a movie, but if they hurt the dog, you’re done.




P.S. It’s also a very bad sign if your holiday cards are signed from you and your pooch.

Top 5 posts in February

These are the top posts in February according to you!

5. Of mushy peas and olives. You either thought this was pretty interesting or you thought the peas were disgusting. Either way, they ‘stirred’ everyone up. Ha! Okay, that was an awful pun. 🙂

4. An 80/20 rule for Social Media. Everyone liked this post and no wonder. J.A. Hennrikus did a fantastic job!

3. River’s issues. River’s troubles seemed to resonate with a lot of readers and I had comments from animal lovers everywhere, cheering him on. It was really awesome to see all that support!

2. Posts I loved this week. Everyone loved seeing other great posts and checking out other blogs.

1. On self-doubt. I was surprised this one was a hit because that little voice inside my head insisted I was the only one. But that’s the terrible thing about self-doubt, believing you’re alone. Turns out, it’s pretty prevalent. People could relate and were so thankful for the post. Right back at you guys! 🙂

These were the posts you enjoyed the most this month. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and making them a success!