Review: Command Performance

Command Performance is the 2nd book in the series about Cordina’s Royal Family but can be read as a stand alone. It’s actually the first book I read of the series and it completely hooked me in.

The book reads almost like a fairy tale. There’s a prince and a very normal girl who comes to his castle. There’s danger and there’s a love story.

Nora Roberts does a good job of making the heroine likeable. Eve is no Sleeping Beauty, simply waiting for a prince to kiss her so she can live again. She’s a working, self-reliant woman happy with her life and needing no one’s rescue. Though she’s definitely feisty, she’s not cocky or snobbish or rude. I loved her from the get-go.

Alexander is aristocratic and elegant without being stuffy, distinguished and confident. I had a crush on him from the first page.

Their story is simply beautiful. There’s danger and passion and a happy ending. I have no idea how Nora Roberts can manage to create such realistic characters and satisfying plot in under 300 pages, but she does it.

If you haven’t tried this one by Nora Roberts, I’d highly recommend it. You’re in for a treat.


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