Of success and computers: update

Finally, after two weeks of agony and waiting endlessly, my beloved machine is back. There are still a few glitches because for some reason some programs aren’t working and some are but it’s back. Having a keyboard in front of me fills me with glee.

All I wanted to do this weekend was reacquaint myself with my beloved machine. My hubby, on the other hand decided this was the weekend to find him a new car. So, off we went. Him, eager, me, grouchy.

My husband is a lovely man, with many talents and abilities. Decisiveness is not one of those. After visiting more than 8 different car dealerships on Saturday and searching all day on Sunday online, he’s changed his mind and now wants to stay with his car.

Does anyone know how to start a voodoo doll?

Computerless: Hope at last

This is my 3rd week without a computer and the stress is starting to show. I stare at others wistfully as they type and scroll on their keyboards. When I see a domain on a commercial, I change the channel quickly.

Beyond desperate, I went back to the computer store this Friday hoping to get some sort of resolution. The clerk there, blissfully immersed in computers, was sympathetic to my situation. Either that, or something in my face must have told him I wouldn’t hold out much longer.

According to him, the tech guy can have my computer fixed by Tuesday.

I hope he’s right. I literally can’t wait.

Two weeks of no screen time except for following the US Presidential race have left their mark.


Computerless: Week 2

I thought I could handle it. I mean, how hard can it be? I have a phone that is sort of like a computer. I have a computer at work. I can use my hubby’s. I can handle not having my computer for a week…

I was wrong.

It’s now week 2 and, after many desperate calls to the computer-repair place, I’m no further ahead of knowing when my laptop is coming back. The only progress is the grumpiness of the tech guy who receives my calls. If I call again, I fear he will throw my computer out the window.

However, as luck would have it, this particular week the Presidential Campaign has become rather fascinating to watch. So I can substitute one screen for another and hopefully make it until my beloved laptop returns.

If not, I might lose what little sanity I have left.



Computer issues

My lovely, trusty computer has been with me for years now. It’s seen me writing and blogging and searching and discovering people online…It’s seen my ups and my downs and through it all, it’s stayed virus-free and faithfully reliable.

Lately, though, it’s been getting some things confused and it doesn’t move as fast as it used to. It’s 4 years old, which is getting up there in computer years, so I treat it with care and try to understand when it mixes up what I tell it. I still think there was potential and life in the old girl.

Still, when a tiny email took forever to write, I decided some action was needed and called the techie-support-people and after many tests and a whole lot of waiting, they told me that it was probably a hard drive issue.

It goes to show you just how techy I am that I had no idea what that meant. But to make a long story short, my lovely computer is now in the hands of a techy person at the store who will poke and probe it and see what it needs and just how much that will cost.

If the cost is higher than the computer is worth, I should probably buy a new one.

I should be happy there’s such great support over the phone. I should rejoice that in only 3 to 5 days, I will know what’s wrong. I should rejoice that I will either get a new computer or have mine working again.

I’m not happy. I’m terrified. For 3 to five days, I will be computer-less.

P.S. If you’re wondering how I’m writing this post…I’ve snuck onto hubby’s computer while he’s in bed with the flu…

The 5 worst things you can do if your internet is running slow

This weekend, our internet connection was running so slow that it was actually painful to watch. After spending three good hours getting no further ahead, I have compiled a helpful list of things anyone should avoid if their Wi-Fi is acting up.

5. Restart the computer hoping it’s a ‘computer glitch’. Don’t. It won’t work. I tried it three times.

computer frustration

4. Clicking on a link repeatedly hoping that iit’ll load faster.


3. Cursing at the machine. In several languages. I tried it and it only scared the dogs.


2. Calling the internet provider. They’ll keep you waiting for about 45 minutes before you speak to a human being only to let you know that there’s nothing they can do. It’s the weather.

freaked out phone guy

1. Unplugging everything. Once you unplug all those cables, they multiply until you’re surrounded by a never-ending spaghetti-like mass with no idea how to reconnect them.



What worked for me? Leaving the cursed house and going to a coffee shop–with free Wi-Fi.