Coming up in 2016

What can you look forward to in this little blog? I happen to have big plans for 2016. Yeap. Big. BIG!

Well, there’s definitely going to be more book reviews…

You’ll probably also be subjected to more doggie stories not just because I can’t keep those to myself but…

Because there’s a rumour going around this place that we might be getting a puppy.

Now the idea wasn’t only mine! Really. Hubby is practically obsessed with the thought. He has been looking at sites and checking out breeders to find one that’s both reputable and trustworthy in his quest to find Ocean and River just the right baby brother or sister.

Now, I know we already have two dogs and that’s plenty. I know two dogs are a lot of work and we’re already busy. I really, honestly know that getting a third would only add chaos to our already dog-crowded house…but the idea of getting a puppy for our two fluff balls just melts my heart.

I fear I might not put up a lot of resistance…

And yes, absolutely, some where in 2016, I should get my act in gear and move forward with my own writing. I do have some ideas on that front too.

Comments? Thoughts? Anything you’d like to see…or would like to never see again? Anything you’re sick of? Curious about? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you!

Coming up

Next up on this humble little blog, I’m going to be chatting away about these two books.



Fools Rush In is a contemporary love story. I’m excited about it because the heroine is a doctor, with a dog (love it). She has a plan to fall for a former crush but ends up with Sam Nickerson (the hero) who’s a police officer. I love that they’re in Cape Cod and I think it’s going to be awesome.



The Look of Love is another contemporary read and the first of a series–I always love series because they mean good books are on the way! This one is about Chloe who’s just coming out of an abusive relationship and is determined not to make that mistake again. She gets into a car accident and Chase (the hero) helps her out of the ditch (literally). I always tread carefully with stories of wounded women because they can be so painful but I have high hopes for this one.

If you’re interested on them just click on the covers and they’ll take you right to the author sites. If you’ve read them, let me know what you think!


Coming up

Starting tomorrow, I’m putting up three posts with resources in a row. One is a great site full of resources (I mean FULL). The second one is on how to be happy writing. The third on how to write good dialogue and the fourth is on the best writing advice I ever got. Oh, did I say three? I meant four.

I’ve got them all set up, ready to go. I had an extra cup of coffee this morning and I felt that eager blogger feeling–either that or I’m really trying to avoid editing.

One more note. To make it easier for you to see and choose what you want in resources, I’ve created a little widget on the side bar: Resources for Writers. Now you can just go and click on your topic of interest and get the links. No fuss. The Resources page is still there, also available for you to use.