Formatting for Smashwords

I was all set to get Olivia’s Choice formatted today. I got the computer out, stretched my fingers and got to work. 8am. Ready. Go.

I followed their Guide and tried to follow it to the letter. Not easy when my version of Word is not theirs but, hey! I formatted and formatted, editing tabs, indents, changing fonts, getting hyperlinks in and bookmarks and creating a lovely Table of Contents. I sent it in and got a message: error formatting paragraph styles.

Back to the drawing board I went. Hours later, I sent it in again. Same message. Back to work. Sent it in. Same message.

By now, I had taken out not only indents but returns, soft and hard, and just about any left or right justification. My book was starting to resemble a soup-like assortment of letters without any sense or rhyme.

Then, reason asserted itself. I read a great post by Gene’O on what to do on hard times, went for a run and meditated.

When I returned I got an email from Smashwords: it basically said the error message I had received was from December 6th and I should wait until a person read my manuscript before making any more changes.

Ah. (insert Spanish swear words here).

I thought I’d post this just in case there are others out there like me, trying to figure out what they’ve done wrong when the truth is there’s a delay in the error messages in Smashwords.