Ranting about perfection

I’ve always been driven. Even as a kid, I always tried harder. The problem isn’t that I need to try harder, the problem is that I want perfection. I stare at the scene I’ve written and shake my head in despair. Absolute garbage! Delete button, here I go.

I found this article by Joe Bunting titled The Myth of Perfection on The Write Practice. It was actually really helpful because he starts by saying: you’re never going to be perfect. For me, that was great news because it set me free. I can accept it and try to do a good job, not a perfect job.

When I look forward, I get overwhelmed. I think of the odds against me and they seem insurmountable. It helps if I look back. Once, I didn’t speak English. I wrote and didn’t believe I’d ever get published. I’ve written a book, I have another on the works.

Maybe I need to embrace Good Enough and kick Perfection in the butt.


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Cute, interesting and, hopefully, uplifting. Here are some posts about reading that will hopefully get some smiles.

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(credit: notsogentlereader.blogspot.com)

(credit: notsogentlereader.blogspot.com)

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Cute, interesting and, hopefully, uplifting. Here are some posts about writing that will hopefully get some smiles.

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(credit: allfunnyimages.com)

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