Looking for a good read?

I’m looking for a book to read. And I want a good one. I might moan and rave about the books I read but that’s because, since I’m so picky about what I read, they are very good. I don’t just read anything. I won’t put up with some horribly written nightmare that makes no sense and has no plot. No thanks. I inspect books I read very carefully and discern what goes on my TBR pile and what doesn’t.

So, where do I look? I’ve mentioned before Penny Dreadful Reviews and Goodreads but there’s another place I go when I’m searching. It’s Likes Books.

The great thing about this site is that you can go under the Reviews tab and do a Power Search. Say you’re looking for historical romance, you can choose that under their Book Type. It contains everything from Alternative Reality to Young Fiction. You can select the Grade the books received, you can even choose the sensuality level! Best of all, you can search for books by a particular author or by a particular title.

In this site, you can discover all the books Sherry Thomas has written, how well they did and what the reviewers thought. Then you can open up those reviews and read about the book that interests you in depth. Before you buy. In fact, you can do that with every writer you’ve ever liked and some you haven’t discovered yet.

Best of all, all their books are…romance! Yeeey!