Blogging ideas

Having a blog is a necessity for an author. Not only do you practice writing, you reach potential readers and grow a following. But keeping a blog can also be stressful. That blog can become an entity you have to feed with daily posts.

Victoria Grefer wrote a great post with three great tips on being more efficient blogger. Efficiency is great for me because I keep a blog and I’m always grateful for ideas or ways to improve it.

I have to admit I already used her idea of writing the posts ahead of time. I write my posts on Saturday mornings. I try to write the entire week’s worth of posts. The only one I can’t is the ‘Posts I loved this week’ because that, by necessity, grows each day. Now, that doesn’t mean that, should something interesting happen, I don’t ignore my ‘saved’ posts and write a new one, I do, but I have some in ‘reserve’ should I need them.

What about you? What works for you? Do you go with inspiration or do you prep ahead?



For Bloggers: a loyal blog audience

I found these great tips on how to create a loyal blog audience. I gotta add that it’s not magic, it’s hard work.

Here’s a post on how to get your own blog audience. A big thanks to Neil Patel for the post!

And this post by Karl Staib, with even more tips.

I believe those tips really work. I see the results in blogs around me that are simply awesome. Mix true quality posts with kind hearted authors and you’ve got a top-notch blog, with an audience that rightly doesn’t want to go anywhere else.

I’m talking, of course, about Infinitefreetime, The Writing Catalog and Outmanned. Check them out! You’ll see.

Tips for indie authors

Found two great sites for indie authors. One on reasons to blog and another on how to blog.

When I first started out, I didn’t know the difference between a blog and a website. I didn’t think I’d need to know the difference because I was a writer. Why would I ever keep a blog?

Molly Greene has a great answer to that question. I’m not going to repeat what she says (she says it way better than I ever could). Just click here and you’ll see what I mean.

Now, getting a blog is all good and dandy but if you have a blog, you want traffic and that only comes if your blog is both engaging and worthwhile to the reader. Karen Lotter has these five amazing tips. I had no idea how important it is to use good titles and headlines. Google doesn’t ‘get’ puns and sarcasm and so they won’t lead your post to your intended audience.

I’ve also posted these sites on my Resources page along with those others already there. Have a read!