A bird buffet

We’ve got a bit of a bird buffet happening in our house. Right now, as we speak there are three feeders for different kinds of birds hanging from our roof. We feed everything from hummingbirds and woodpeckers to a tiny mouse who eats the seeds they drop.

Ridiculous, right? Believe. I know.

Originally, my husband got one small bird feeder so we could see the birds through our window. Thinking it was a lovely idea, I went along with it.

We only had that feeder for about a week before my husband saw a problem. The woodpeckers had started coming to the feeder and were stealing the big seeds from the little birds.

I suggested scaring them with a shout or shaking a broom at them but my husband-the-therapist wouldn’t hear of it. Fearing what damage a shout could do to their fragile bird-ego, he refused to frighten the thieves away.


Solution? A woodpecker feeder naturally.IMG_0210

That said, it was only a matter of time before my therapist husband decided we needed to help out the local hummingbirds. So, we got a hummingbird feeder.


And now, we even have Mr. Mouse joining us. It’s entertaining for the dogs who stare at the commotion in awe for hours but I think there’s a limit to madness.

If my hubby suggests helping out the local racoons, I’m sending him in for therapy.