A surprising holiday gift

A little while ago, I moaned on this little blog that my beloved computer had died. I finally got it back and we have renewed our loving relationship. However, it didn’t have Word working on it. The computer kept asking me for the Key Number and the box was lost in the depths of our basement.

Along the same time, I got a little surprise from D. Emery Bunn, a writer and editor who I believe will go far. He had finished the second book in his series Darkness Trilogy and wanted me to have a look at it. I had checked out his first book, Darkness Concealed and loved it, so I was super excited that I got his second book as a holiday gift.


The only problem was that his book was in Word.

Here is where the magic of the holidays came back in because today, my lovely hubby (who loses more things than the Bermuda Triangle) found the Key for me.

I’ve started reading Darkness Revealed…

I’m pretty pumped. And I’m pretty scared. This is not a book for the faint of heart.

But you can bet there’ll be a review in your future of the book… 🙂

Self-Editing tips

I always thought you had to go to the Beta readers to get true editing. Turns out, the author is the best first-editing tool.

But how? I’ve posted a bit about this before. There is macro editing (i.e.: does this turn in the plot make sense? Should the ending change completely?) and micro editing (i.e., comas, passive voice, etc.). This is about micro editing. Ten tips to help anyone write better. Even a blog post. 🙂


I really liked the tips and they are incredibly helpful because I’m in the middle of editing Amy’s Courage and man, alive! It’s not easy. (sigh). A big thanks to C. S. Lakin for the post!