Best 50 blogs for Indie authors

Best blogs for indie authors. The top 50 of them, ranked according to type and worth. I found this site and I know others will want to see it. I’ve posted it here and under the tab Resources.

Just another note, August Wainwright also adds that he’d like us to spread the word and, I can’t help but thank him not only for the amazing job he did with such a massive undertaking but also for sharing the results, freely with everyone else. Genius and heart, I don’t see that mix very often.

New tab

I have only been an author a very short time. During those months, I’ve managed to bungle things pretty royally. Thank the good karma in the universe that there are sites and blogs and communities online to help newbies like myself. Every time I found something new, I posted it on this blog. I figure, I need all the good karma I can get.

But this morning, with a fresh cup of coffee not making a dent on the horrid headache raging away in my head, I decided to clean house. I got all the posts that have hints or tips for authors and put them under a new tab at the top of the blog, for easy access.

Just click on Resources. Easy, peasy. Oh, and if you have any gems, pass them my way and I’ll post them there too (with your permission).