Best books from the best reviewers 2013

I’ve already shouted out my favourite books but, though I have an opinion, I’m not a reviewer. However, I know some people who are (they also run some awesome blogs!). I thought I’d share what the best reviewers think.

First, one of my favourites, Andrea Whittle. She’s a pro. You can tell because where I would say: great book, she explains why it’s such a great book with amazing literary skill. That skill is not something anyone’s born with, it takes years of serious reading and writing. She’s read a few books and knows a thing or two. If she says a book is good, it’s good.

Here are her top choices for 2013:

Then, the BookChick. She’s a tough, no nonsense reviewer and, even she admits, she doesn’t give out 5 stars just because the cover is pretty. She has listed down the top 15 and there are some beauties in there.

You can find her favourite books here:

Now, one of my favourite sites, All about Romance, also has a list. The top 100. Here’s the link: They did a round up of their readers top-ever books. It’s really worth a read because you can find some gems you never knew were there.

Finally, Goodreads has their top winners of 2013 in categories for your convenience. Here’s that link:

Now, I know what you’re thinking, what am I doing compiling this list? Shouldn’t I be writing? Isn’t that what I’m rambling about on this blog day after day…

You’re right. Off I go. 🙂