Just for a laugh

I shouldn’t do this. It’s not professional. Not at all. But I was in a coffee shop and I read this blog and I laughed out loud. More than once. Until people started staring.

It’s really funny.


Honestly. Just funny. Ha! I needed a laugh.

10 Great Quotations from Writers about Writing

What a fantastic post. Loved these quotes! There are some awesome blogs out there. Interestingliterature.com is one of them!

Interesting Literature

Here are ten of our favourite quotes about writing, from those who should probably know the most about it – writers themselves. Some of them are witty quotes, others profound, some a mixture. We hope you enjoy them.

‘Being a writer is a very peculiar sort of a job: it’s always you versus a blank sheet of paper and quite often the blank piece of paper wins.’

– Neil Gaiman

‘God may reduce you on Judgment Day to tears of shame, reciting by heart the poems you would have written, had your life been good.’

– W. H. Auden

‘A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.’

– Thomas Mann


‘Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.’

– Cyril Connolly

‘The dubious privilege of a freelance writer is that he’s given the…

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A little blog big on humour

I have just visited this blog. Just. And I was so impressed, I had to blog about it.

Well, first I had to stop laughing, then I ran and told my husband (in great detail) and then I had to blog about it. Because I know people out there will love this blog. It’s just so good. https://www.facebook.com/OutmannedMommy

She’s a mom of two little boys and two doggies. This is how she describes herself: “My husband calls me honey, the three year old calls me mommy, the baby calls me milk, and the dogs call me their indentured servant.  It’s been a long time since I called myself anything else, but I’m working on that.  Now, YOU can call me Outmanned.”

That was it for me. Hooked.

She travelled with her boys and the stories almost made me pee my pants. It’s not just that the writing is good (because she’s very, very good) but she’s hilarious. There’s a twist to every story and I just want to read more.

I don’t have kids. Kids just weren’t in the cards for my husband and I, so we settled for our super-excitable akita. As a doggie mom, my perception of kids is always that of someone watching. From the outside, parenting looks more than a little terrifying. How do parents ever manage? How do they not need medication? How are they able to shower or get dressed? I barely manage and I only have one dog…and I can kick her out!

I think the thing that impressed me the most about this blog (and this incredible mom) is that in those super-stressful moments she manages to smile and laugh. I know for a fact, I would have been in tears or had a meltdown. How does she do it? I’m in awe.

Plus, the writing is really good. Writing a funny story isn’t easy. Humour can’t be predictable or it’s ruined and, since it’s a blog post, the story needs to be short or a reader will skip the entire tale (blog writing is an art by itself). Finally, adding a twist at the end so that the reader is surprised needs both intelligence and a good dose of cunning. Outmanned qualifies on all those points and then some.

Ever read Marsha Boulton (she wrote Letters from the Country)? Or James Herriot (he wrote All Creatures Great and Small)? They’re both writers (one passed away) and both wrote semi-autobiographical, humorous stories. Her blog posts reminded me of them.

Have you read the one about boobies? Not to be missed.

Best blogs of the year

Best blogs of 2013…for me. The most prolific reviews and the most useful. I thought I’d settle for two categories.

*Most prolific reviews:

The one I check everyday: http://likesbooks.com. I read pretty much every review, especially if the book is a DIK and especially if it’s terrible. But there’s one more reviewer I read every time they post: http://pennydreadfulbooks.me. Best reviewer out there for writing quality and quantity (and she’s only one person!).

*Most useful for writing tips:

http://www.molly-greene.com. Hands down. I go there for everything from ideas to what to avoid doing. I think that site is great.

*Most enjoyable (guilty pleasure):

Oh boy…This one is fun.

http://infinitefreetime.com. I am totally addicted to this site. I read it every day. I challenge anyone to only read one entry. Not kidding. Something about the writing and the humour…I can’t stop reading it.