Writing just for you

I don’t just write my books, I also write for me. I write to clear my head, I write to process an issue, I write to figure out my ideas, I write to ‘get it out’ and I write for fun.

Like most writers, I started writing when I was very young and the habit has stuck. Writing has helped me deal with issues and loss, it helps me cope with those things today still. When I have a big decision (selling our house!), I sit and write pros and cons. When we lost our beloved Lobo, writing him a letter telling him how much I missed him helped me let him go. Sure, I write my books, but writing is also a tool that helps me ground myself and keep balance.

Of course, I found a post that explains the benefits of writing. And another, and another and another. They claim that writing makes you happier, more intelligent, more persuasive…The benefits go on and on.

Do you write for fun? Do you journal? Would you say it makes you happier? Relaxes you? More intelligent? 🙂