A beautiful and touching poem from a very talented writer. Thank you for sharing this one, Callum!

Callum McLaughlin

Remember that when it gets dark,
I promise it gets light again.

Remember that behind each peak,
a splendid sun, it waits to rise.

Remember that beneath still lakes,
there is life; so small yet strong.

Remember that you’re not alone;
my heart is here to break your fall.

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Beautiful video

I don’t often post videos…Okay, I’ve never posted a video. I figure I’m trying to be a writer, videos are not my thing. But there is this one video I saw this week that just moved me to tears because of the lovely connection between the dog and the child. It was just wonderful.

Final note: There’s a God reference in the video. Please understand that’s not something I’m pushing or not pushing. This blog doesn’t step into the realm of Higher Powers/God/Deities and respects whatever beliefs make the reader happy.

Beautiful winter

It’s absolutely beautiful outside. We’re definitely going to get a White Christmas. I know ice is terrible and winter is cold and we’ll be sick to death of it all in a few weeks…but, for now, I’m in love. Isn’t it stunning?

If you can see it, all those branches on the trees are carefully covered by snow.

If you can see it, all those branches on the trees are carefully covered by snow.


It’s really cold outside. The only one who doesn’t seem to mind the cold is my akita. It’s never too cold for her.

Oh, yeah, this post goes completely against what I just posted about for good blogging. Self-indulgence at its worst.

My favourite heroines

Looking back through books, I have to say the ladies I loved the most were the ones I could best relate to. Empowered women, or those who work for a living, those who love their pets were some of my favourites. And I certainly like a heroine who exercises.

Expecting the main lady in a historical to exercise is just simply silly. Back then, not only did women not exercise, they didn’t even study math or science–just in case it turned them into men. I even wonder if men worked out. Certainly not the way we do today, with a focus on fitness. They might have enjoyed riding or walking but not with the sole purpose of developing muscles.

But when I read a contemporary or a paranormal, I hope the lady of the book does more than waltz. I hope she can stand up for herself and not just in a literal way. I don’t want her to be ridiculously built or be a menace to people but if she can hold her own, all the better to like her.

Personally, I exercise when the mood strikes. I love my elliptical and I weight train but I don’t do it every day. Still, I like it enough that when I find a heroine that jogs, or one that lifts weights (I have never, ever read about a woman who lifted weights in a romance story but…here’s hoping), I can relate. In fact, I like her better for taking care of herself. 

Strong, healthy women are truly beautiful.