Just because I’m ga-ga over baby animals

This is self-indulgence at it’s worse. Be warned.


These are just a few of the super-cute pictures from Wicked Aww Pics. I just love them! don’t you? Aw…so cute!!


Oh my goodness! How cute is this picture! I just had to share this one along.
By the way, if this one picture just hit your heart the way it did mine, check out the site: Wicked Aww Pics. It’s heaven for any animal lovers out there.

Wicked Aww Pics


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The smallest little snail

I was late for work. The last thing I should have been doing was stop and start taking pictures. But I couldn’t resist. It was the smallest snail I have ever seen.

Can you see him? He's even got little snail antennae and everything!

Can you see him? Isn’t he adorable?

Honestly, I wanted to take him home and keep him and pet him. I’d name him Minimis and hope he wouldn’t get much bigger.

Then I got into my trusty Jeep and drove to work.

Mondays suck.