The 5 worst things you can do if your internet is running slow

This weekend, our internet connection was running so slow that it was actually painful to watch. After spending three good hours getting no further ahead, I have compiled a helpful list of things anyone should avoid if their Wi-Fi is acting up.

5. Restart the computer hoping it’s a ‘computer glitch’. Don’t. It won’t work. I tried it three times.

computer frustration

4. Clicking on a link repeatedly hoping that iit’ll load faster.


3. Cursing at the machine. In several languages. I tried it and it only scared the dogs.


2. Calling the internet provider. They’ll keep you waiting for about 45 minutes before you speak to a human being only to let you know that there’s nothing they can do. It’s the weather.

freaked out phone guy

1. Unplugging everything. Once you unplug all those cables, they multiply until you’re surrounded by a never-ending spaghetti-like mass with no idea how to reconnect them.



What worked for me? Leaving the cursed house and going to a coffee shop–with free Wi-Fi.