Our garage is taking shape…

Before we started our garage construction, I never really thought about how a garage was built. The concept of building permits, variances, inspections and cost never once entered my mind. In fact, I remember not even liking garages at one point.

My, how things change.

We now have a building, attached next to our house, with insulation, dry wall and floor. It’s incredible to me because only a few weeks ago, we had a hole and a ton of dirt. Now we have an actual building. And it’s full of interesting parts.

There are doors, windows, frames, places where the lights will go. There are tons of different materials and somehow, it’s all orderly and makes sense. It’s also incredibly neat and tidy. I love neat and tidy.

The floor is made of cement and it’s graded so that the snow melts away from the house. Grading is something else I had never known about before. Now, it’s super important.

It looks like a garage and I’m pretty excited about it. A garage. Who would have ever thought I’d say a garage is a thing of beauty?

A huge thank you!

A huge thank you to Happy Day for sharing this beautiful picture with me. She noticed my Weekend Coffee posts and thought I might use it for those posts. Isn’t it beautiful? Check it out:

Isn’t it gorgeous? Love it!

… on winter hanging on

Just loved this post. Loved it. The humour in it is just delicious. And those pictures are gorgeous. Made me wish I lived by the sea.

just ponderin'


This has been one of those crazy busy weeks with happenings, some lots of fun, and good, and some very not. So It was amazing to, about twenty minutes ago, pull into the driveway at The Inn*.

The crunch of the gravel drive, the wind off the water causing the ancient tree branches to arch and sway… John said he’d get the dogs out of the back (Marshal insisting he needed out right now!) and I could just head in, turn up the heat and make fires in the fireplaces. All of this sounded so good… until.

Until it was twelve degrees.

But not your average twelve degrees in, like, a normal place.

Twelve salt-water enhanced degrees on the coast of Maine where, I might add, we had nearly spring-like temperatures less than a week ago!

Oh ya, I’ll say it.

Mother Nature?


So after I screamed…

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Oh my goodness! How cute is this picture! I just had to share this one along.
By the way, if this one picture just hit your heart the way it did mine, check out the site: Wicked Aww Pics. It’s heaven for any animal lovers out there.

Wicked Aww Pics


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In Appreciation

My latest addiction, this great blog is just about cutie-patootie animals. Every day, there’s a new picture to make me smile. I love it.


This one is a fantastic article and I found it thanks to Winter Bayne who’s got an eye sharper than an eagle’s for this sort of thing.

Huge thumbs up to them both!

What about you? What’s your latest find or addictive blog?

P.S. If you’re into books, check out this new post by All About Romance with upcoming beauties to read!

Sad news

I’m really sorry to have sad news to share. This blog is about positive things. There’s enough sadness in the world without me adding to it.

So, this is not the post I wanted to write and it’s a hard one to put into words. But I didn’t want to pretend nothing had happened either.

Walter died this weekend.

We had actually just gone over to the breeder’s to see him the day before. It was particularly hard to meet him in person, see how cute, fluffy and wonderful he was and hear the news the day after. It was also very hard on the breeder and his family.

On a positive note, if there is one, we’re even more appreciative of our two fluff-balls of dogs. They, blissful in their ignorance, have no idea why they’re getting all these extra hugs and kisses…but they love them.

It’s certainly a lesson, for me, on appreciating life and everyone in it while I can. Life is a blessing. So, I’m really glad you are in my life, wonderful readers. And little Walter, if only for a short time.

(credit: breeder picture)

(credit: breeder picture)


The nicest show on TV

I tend to ramble on this blog about things I love. I should keep the focus on writing, reading and books but I go off topic quite a bit….and here is another post doing just that. 🙂

I discovered a show on TV that I just adore. It’s a chronicle of the work happening at Hope for Wildlife in Nova Scotia, Canada. Hope for Wildlife is a rescue centre for wildlife. Their goal is to rehabilitate injured or orphaned animals and release them back into the wild. That alone is such a beautiful goal but, even better, we get to see the baby squirrels, raccoons, deer, owls and others rescued, taken care of by a vet, fed and finally released back into the forests where they came from.

(credit: pinterest.com)

(credit: pinterest.com)

At the centre of this wonderful work is Hope, the woman who started it all.



“Hope took in her first rehab animal, a robin that had been attacked by a cat, in 1995 while working as a Manager at the Dartmouth Veterinary Hospital. The veterinarians at the hospital did not know what to do with the injured bird, so Hope took it to her home in Eastern Passage and starting doing research on caring for injured wildlife.

As her knowledge grew, the veterinary staff would refer calls about orphaned and injured wildlife to Hope. She continued to do research and learn more about the subject. Later that year, Hope took a Wildlife Rehabilitator’s course and obtained a certificate in Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation from the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Association. Hope and her good friend, Lisa Butcher, developed a plan to create a wildlife rehabilitation centre to offer proper care to injured and orphaned wildlife in Nova Scotia.”



The centre grew from there until today when we can see their struggles and triumphs on TV.

“Now, over 15 years since it all began, the Hope for Wildlife Society has grown to over 100 volunteers and rehabilitates over 2500 animals per year from all over the province. Funding still comes from donations, as well and corporate and government grants, community groups, and our annual fundraisers.”

(credit: hopeforwildlifetales.ca)

(credit: hopeforwildlifetales.ca)

Today they’re still a charitable organization looking for donations and just doing amazing work to help animals who can’t help themselves. Here’s their blog: http://hopeforwildlifetales.blogspot.ca

and website: www.hopeforwildlife.net/main.html

And the TV site: http://www.hopeforwildlifetv.com/home

(credit: mcintyre.ca) Hope for Wildlife, season 2

(credit: mcintyre.ca) Hope for Wildlife, season 2

(credit: youtube.com)

(credit: youtube.com)

Not only do I get a huge grin on my face when I see this show…River loves watching it too. 😀

Internet woes

I had arranged for the Wi-fi guy to arrive the very day we moved so we wouldn’t be without our beloved internet for even one night but, as luck would have it, the guy didn’t show up until the following week. For five days, we had no TV, no cell phone service and no Wi-Fi.

It got ugly.



Now, I have lived without them before. When I was a teen there was no internet and, back further, I can remember days when TV meant only a couple of channels. I know what it’s like to not have these luxuries. I also remember driving around in Europe in a car without seat belts. My point is, I like these things. They make me happy.

(credit: pixgood.com)

(credit: pixgood.com)

Things seem so much easier now that we have Wi-Fi, cells and roughly a million TV channels. How did we manage to do research before the internet? How did we share gossip? It seems like the internet is necessary for just about everything. These five days, I felt completely cut off without it.

When the guy showed up to connect us, I was beyond desperate to see him.

Buuuuut…I was also deep in a book.

So, I ignored the sound of the bell and let my hubby answer the door.

(credit:quirky bookworm.com)

(credit:quirky bookworm.com)



#WeekendCoffeeShare: In which I whine. A lot.


If we were having coffee, I’d share that we’re still selling our house and then roll my eyes. We’ve been trying to sell our home since June of last year and it feels even longer than that. Worse, if possible, a prolific family of mice have moved into our attic and, after chewing through some insulation, have decided to multiply.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I’m sick. I have some version of the cold that makes me sound like a duck. I’d also tell you that my hubby is also sick and was up all night with the stomach flu. Since he’s not exactly diminutive, every time he came back to bed, I bounced like a cork at sea. So neither of us slept a wink last night. The ones who did sleep are our fluff-balls of dogs who’ve woken up, healthy as horses and with more energy than usual. They’re not sick. Neither are the mice. They’re incredibly healthy.

I’d probably ask for another cup of coffee, since they can’t pump the stuff directly into my vein through an IV and that’s what I need this morning.

And I’d ask you how you were doing. Tell me you’re not sick? Or join the germ-infested.