Writing tips!

Found a whole gaggle of writing posts that might just come in handy to all the authors out there.

1. Before you send out your query letter or your manuscript, read this checklist. Don’t make the mistake I did and mess up your blog address or their name (yikes!). A big thank you to Chuck Sambuchino for the great post!

2. If you’re trying to meet word goals, read this article on how to write faster–and better too! A great post by .

3. If you have trouble meshing time passing in your novel, check out these great tips on how to do it seamlessly. A big thank you to C.S. Lankin.

4. For those of us who write romance, this is a great one to add some spice to our novels. Writing good chemistry and sexual tension are easier said than done. Check out this how-to post by one of the experts, Susan Squires.

5. You need a great start-up line? You need a hook to end your chapter? Look no further. Monica M. Clark has done all the hard work for us. Check out this great post on hooks to keep even the most indifferent reader turning those pages.

Here’s hoping you can use these! 🙂