A tale of two ducks

Spring is finally truly here. We have sunshine, rain, mud and green sprouts everywhere. The house is filthy, but we don’t care. We’re falling in love with our home and the yard all over again.

We’re not alone. Two mallard ducks have decided our home is the best place for miles around and are now living in our river.


Can you see the ducks? Again, I have to apologize for my picture-taking skills (or lack of). Those two ‘bumps’ on the grass are actually the mallard ducks, a male and female, who have decided to call our river home. Aren’t they adorable? So cute!

I’m a little concerned because the river that flows so powerfully now dries under the summer’s relentless sun and becomes a stagnant trickle. I worry about the future of these two ducks…and their possible babies.


Our dogs worry too but for a different reason. They see nothing but trouble in our winged visitors and watch them for hours waiting for the inevitable attack. Obviously, the ducks are trouble and the only thing to do is incessant guarding.

Either that or they’re bored.

Please note the hole in the yard. River’s latest escape attempt.