Weekend Ramblings

It’s Saturday morning, I have my beloved cup of coffee and a croissant in front of me and things haven’t looked this good all week. Is there anything better than a lazy weekend morning?

We’re getting snow. I can tell not just by the weather report, the dogs are going nuts with glee. These are most definitely snow dogs. If I ever had any doubts, the last couple of days confirmed it. It’s getting colder and colder and the more the temperature drops, the more they like to go out. At night, when it’s pitch dark and freezing, I can’t get them in the house. I plead, beg and finally promise them treats to get them indoors. Today, early in the morning with the layer of frost, they couldn’t wait to wake me and get out there to do whatever it is you do when you’re a snow dog.

On other news, we finally got more earth for the poor plant that Ocean was eating away. I don’t know if I shared this, but her royal fluffiness likes to eat dirt, as in earth and, instead of eating it from the earth on the ground outside, she likes it from our poor plant. She’s already responsible for the death of a former plant of ours and she’s working towards killing this new one. I’ve gotten more dirt for it but it’s only more delicious treats in Ocean’s mind.

I haven’t started Christmas shopping. In fact, I try to avoid it at all costs. Instead, the last few years, I’ve been donating money to a charity of my choice. I also don’t expect any gifts back, since I don’t give them out.

I thought it was the greatest idea when I heard it. We have no kids, why are we buying presents? Well, I hadn’t counted on lovely Hubby. When I mentioned my plan to him, I swear he almost fainted. No presents? You’d think I’m asking him to donate his liver or something. So, now I try to minimize his presents but no one else gets any. Instead, I find I look around and search for a charity that I really care about this year. It might be the Humane Society, the Salvation Army, a reading group for children…anything as long as they’re doing something good for others. And they get what I would normally spend on presents. It honestly feels much better than trying to guess what bath product I can give to my friends.

Finally, our old toilet died and we’ve replaced it. We have an awesome handy guy (more like a friend) who comes in and helps us out by fixing whatever needs doing in our home. He’s name is Shane and he’s tall, lanky and super kind. The sort of person you’re so glad you meet because you realize what a treasure they are.

We tried to find a replacement for our old toilet but I never knew there were so many choices.  From flushing to water usage to shape of bowl to height of said bowl to colour to the gods only know what else. After a while, staring at all the toilets at the store, my head started to swim. All I wanted was one that worked. Somehow that seemed too easy a condition.

Completely bewildered, we let our trusty Shane make the very important decision and off we went.

Turns out Shane is very tall because he has impossibly long legs. So, as well as very new and clean, our toilet is high. As in very high. As in leg-dangling above the ground high.

So now we’re looking for a foot rest.