Best blogs of the year

Best blogs of 2013…for me. The most prolific reviews and the most useful. I thought I’d settle for two categories.

*Most prolific reviews:

The one I check everyday: I read pretty much every review, especially if the book is a DIK and especially if it’s terrible. But there’s one more reviewer I read every time they post: Best reviewer out there for writing quality and quantity (and she’s only one person!).

*Most useful for writing tips: Hands down. I go there for everything from ideas to what to avoid doing. I think that site is great.

*Most enjoyable (guilty pleasure):

Oh boy…This one is fun. I am totally addicted to this site. I read it every day. I challenge anyone to only read one entry. Not kidding. Something about the writing and the humour…I can’t stop reading it.



Best books of the year

Looking back over the year, I’m checking things over and making up my favourite lists. Best books, here goes.

*Favourite Historical:

My favourite historical book has to go to Mary Balogh’s The Arrangement. There just is something absolutely magical about Ms. Balogh’s writing. Classy, elegant and so absolutely delicious. I want to read that book all over again right now.

*Favourite Paranormal:

This one has to go to J. R. Ward. There’s something about the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I can’t recommend that series more. Absolutely amazing and kick butt awesome.

*Favourite Contemporary:

This one was hard. So hard. I loved, loved so many of the books I read this year. But my favourite has to go to Lisa Kleypas Smooth Talking Stranger. It’s just amazing. Amazing with a Capital A, if I was an English teacher I’d give it an A+, if I was a weather reporter, I’d give it 100% chance of enjoyment.

So hard to choose and there are so many definite keepers lining my shelves. What about you? What were those books that just made your top list this year?

Ready for tomorrow? Best Blogs!