Another great review for Olivia’s Choice!

I’m over the moon with Andrea Whittle’s review. I’m thrilled to know she loved the book and wants to read part 2 (Amy’s Courage which I’m working on right now). She also did a little interview of yours truly and it’s in the post.

Here’s the link to the review:

So excited! Yeey!

Great review!

Just got my first review! I was terrified that they wouldn’t like my book but they liked it. In fact, they gave it four stars out of five! Yeey!

If you want to read it, here’s a link:

I gotta say…I feel like I’m floating a little bit. I’m so grateful…Just so grateful.

How do you choose a book?

We all have favourite authors on auto-buy. I do as well. I trust them implicitly. They could write a book about in-grown toenails and I’d buy it. But what about those authors we don’t know? Do you buy that book or do you put it back? What do you do?

When I see an author I don’t know, I like to go in slowly. It’s a lot like tasting something new. Say I’m in Spain and someone offers me some paella. Well, I wouldn’t necessarily get a full plate of it. I like to try a bit. Like a mouthful. If I like it, I’ll try some more. And so on. (By the way, if you’re in Spain, don’t miss out. Definitely try the paella).

I like to do the same thing with books. I ‘taste’ books first. If I’m at a book store, I’ll read the cover, then I’ll try the first chapter. See what I think. Then, maybe, I’ll read a bit more.

My method works on line too. Most authors are incredibly accommodating. In their excerpts, they literally post a chapter or two. By the end of the first chapter I can tell you if I like the book or if it’s not a good fit.

This is how I found out about Kristen Ashley. She has a sample for each of her books. Usually not just one or two chapters but several. I can tell you, after a few chapters, I’m a goner. I need to know what happens. And, you know what? The purchase button is right there! So easy! Within minutes, I’m in my happy place.

That’s also what got me thinking about putting a few chapters of Olivia’s Choice online. I went to Wattpad (recommended by a friend) and posted the first two chapters under Olivia’s page, with another little excerpt.

So, if you’re like me and like to try things out, give those chapters a try! Let me know what you think! Oh, and I can’t recommend Kristen Ashley strongly enough. If you like romance and you haven’t read her yet, give her a shot. I dare you to try her chapters and not buy the book. I haven’t been able to resist. She’s that good.

I need to be meaner

I read somewhere that a good writer develops awesome characters, with everything from histories to unconscious needs, then searches for the absolutely worst thing that can happen to them…and makes that exact problem happen in the story.

Yeah, well that creates an issue for me. See, the thing is, though my characters are for all intents and purposes not real, I still have developed a ridiculous amount of love for the silly buggers and, well, I don’t like them to suffer. In fact, writing about them being in pain is…actually painful.

It makes sense that a story needs something to happen or there is nothing to tell. It would just be one boring happy day after another. Endlessly. But to find out the thing characters fear most, the thing they dread with all their souls, and to put that in their path. Isn’t that a little mean? Am I traumatizing my characters? Hi there, my imaginary character who’s terrified of dogs, here’s a pack of starving, feral wolves. Let’s see what you make of it.

I did exactly that in my book Olivia’s Choice. I found the hardest, most painful thing she could face and threw her into it. It was hard as all bananas to write. I remember crying as I wrote. The tough question to answer is if the book was better for it.

I think it was.




On a completely unrelated topic, does anyone know any good therapists who deal with imaginary people?

Olivia’s Choice

I always like sampling books first to see if I like them. Be it at a bookstore or on line, I love nothing better than to ‘taste’ the book. A few chapters in and I know if it’s for me. So…

What about trying out Olivia’s Choice? For free? I’ve added a link to Wattpad. I’ve posted the first two chapters there. If you do try it and like them, let me know! Or just click here!

Hope you like them!

Olivia’s Choice is out!

It’s finally in print! I’m really excited. It’s also free for 90 days on Just click on the picture and follow the link.


Olivia’s Choice

I’m so excited because it looks like Olivia’s Choice will finally see the light of day! I have the cover ready and I’m just waiting to see it published in Amazon. Once it’s ready, I’ll put up a link!