We Rise by Lifting Others

What a beautiful, beautiful message!


My good friend and excellent writer Teagan R Geneviene sent me this today and I couldn’t fail to share it with you so apt it is.


We Are All Human

As the population gets bigger and bigger, the world gets smaller and smaller. People of various specialties, and within that different levels of experience, inevitably bump into one another. The thought of comparison and competition can take some down a negative path. But why let that take hold?

We are all human. Imagine if all of us as humans, at the most basic level believed in one simple construct. We are here on this planet to support each other, and to hold each other up.

We fight the same battles at one point or another, we want to feel good about ourselves and our work, and we should realize that many find happiness in other people’s eyes.

We want to…

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Inspired by this post from Melissa Barker-Simpson, I thought I’d join in and add some beautiful quotes on compassion. Meanwhile, to find out more about the project, click here.




Inspired by this post from Melissa Barker-Simpson, I thought I’d join in and add some beautiful quotes on compassion. Meanwhile, to find out more about the project, click here.


An awesome idea

I was snooping around on the blog Just Gene’O (there are so many cool things there!) when I discovered the Blog Blitz 2.0.

What is it? It comes from this great blog DL Hammons and I’ll let DL do the explaining.

“The BLITZ ….(is) a tool for focusing blogosphere energy for fun…and as it turns out…when its desperately needed.”

Isn’t it a great idea? Not only do we spread some blog love around, we also get to meet new awesome blogs!

Check out the rules:

“The rules will remain the same.  From time to time I will select a blog via a random selection or recommendation (must be another Blitz Team member) and a date.  I will email the team members that information and on that date we all will go out of our way to visit that blog and leave an encouraging comment on their most recent post.

My only restriction about who joins the Blog Blitz Team is that your blog cannot be primarily for commercial gain.”

Wanna do it? Here’s the link. And you get to display this nifty badge on your blog! Cool, huh?

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P.S. A huge thank you to Just Gene’O for passing on the idea!

Loads and Loads of News!

All kinds of excellent news in all sorts of interesting blogs! What a great post!

Just Gene'O

survivor-atoz [2014]Registration is open. If the page displays “Coming Soon” when you visit it, use this linky link.

Registration for the Blogging A to Z April Challenge goes live sometime today.Here’s the registration page in case you want to sit and refresh it until the list appears. I plan to register this a.m., add the art to the at Sourcerer after work tonight, and do the announcement on Thursday.

The 1,000 Voices Speaking for Compassion Facebook group passed 1,000 members sometime late Friday night or early Saturday morning. There’s also a WordPress blog for it now, and I have confirmed that there will be a linkup for it on Feb. 20. Not bad at all for two weeks’ worth of bloggers chattering about this on the social media.1000speakLizzi

My friend Gretchen of Drifting Through My Open Mind published an awesome guest post at Hasty Words last week. She’s also joined

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Inspired by this post from Melissa Barker-Simpson, I thought I’d join in and add some beautiful quotes on compassion. Meanwhile, if you want to find out more about the project, click here.


Great books, terrible movies

I was just watching a bit of Breaking Dawn on TV. It’s been four years since the movie hit theatres and I had almost forgotten the movie. The two seconds I saw made me sigh. Why didn’t they capture the feel of the book?

Hollywood has the ability to create amazing movies. And there are incredible books out there. Why can’t those two winning combinations create an even better result?

Time after time, I’ve gone into the movie theatre and come out disappointed. I know I’m not alone. As Adam Holmes aptly explains in his great post, “I’m talking about movies where, having seen them, you have to re-read the book as quickly as possible just to assure yourself that the original story was actually good.”

I too go back to the books and unfailingly fall back in love but my frustration doesn’t abate. Why can’t the genuine, honest talent translate from the page to the screen?

 has a theory in his post Great Book, Bad Movie. He says: “The answer is simple, but it has complex implications: Novels are long, but movies are short. It’s impossible to encapsulate the tonal shifts of a book like Revolutionary Road  in a feature-length film, no matter how long those two hours feel.

“The movie replaces character with plot, and the result lands with a wet flop.”

Is that it? Is the movie too short? Can no film ever live up to the book’s great triumph?

But I can think of some successes. What about The Godfather? Or Lord of the Rings or Forrest Gump or Jaws or The Silence of the Lambs? Those were all amazing movies and they were made out of great books.

But maybe none of this matters. Idiotic or loyal, if I see a movie made out of a book I’ve read, I’m going. I won’t care if it has received bad reviews or good ones. I’m going to see how those characters I loved did and how the story that so enthralled me has come to life.

Then, if the movie doesn’t live up to my expectations, I’ll moan and grumble and curse…


Until the next time a book becomes a movie.


A little break

I’ve been debating this for a while. I’ve thought of taking some time away from the blog during the holidays but then felt badly and changed my mind. Finally, today I finally decided to go and do it. Not easy to leave a blog even if it’s only for a couple of weeks because I like mucking about on it and chatting with people online (the people I’ve met are really, really nice).

Uncomfortable as it may be, this is something that might help me write more and certainly replenish my blogging batteries. Besides, it’s always good to try new things and experiment. So I’m taking the risk and doing it.

Wish me luck! (I hope I don’t cave and run back here crying like a four year old) And I’ll see you back on January 6th!