George comes home

You should see everything I have gone through…and who are you people?

We picked George up from a cargo building at the airport. He looked lost and sad. I reassured him that things would be fine but he didn’t seem convinced. The ride home, with tummy rubs, water to drink and breaks to go for little walks helped convince him we were friendly.

I’m starving

They don’t let them eat before they travel, so this little guy was hungry when he got home. He ate his supper with enthusiasm and then wanted nothing else but to get into trouble.

Sleeping with a new puppy is a complete joke. The only one who slept in our house was George because, whenever he cried, we thought he needed to go out and up we went to help him get outside. Sometimes he needed to go out, other times, he was just bored and looking for tummy rubs.

Coffee was a definite must this morning.

Ocean took one look at the fluff ball and declared all her toys out of bounds…which, of course, meant George wanted them all immediately.

She’s not looking…

We expect a fur fight very soon.

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