We got a puppy

Well, after seeing so many puppies and doggies, it was really bound to happen. We got a doggie. He’s not with us yet; he’s too little. But he’s coming and he’ll be with us on June 10th. He’s arriving on a plane–which is pretty exciting.

This little guy is coming all the way from British Columbia to Ontario.

He’s a Newfoundlander. A breed that I’m super excited to have. and he’s going to be called George.

Now, I would have told you all sooner but my lovely hubby and his friend decided to clean up our house this weekend and they cut some cables that seemed to be useless to them…so we had no internet, cable or electricity as a result. It took a couple of days to get someone in to fix things.

Now, I’ve explained things to Ocean, who doesn’t seem very impressed with the idea of a new brother. She’s quite determined to show him who’s boss and who’s toys are hers (all of them). But, I think, once she meets him, she’ll learn to love him.

I am very picky.

So, things are very exciting here. We can’t wait for George to arrive and have him running about the house. We’re probably in for a couple of sleepless nights and all the fun things that come with puppies. But, the best part is that you can hear all about it through this blog and not have to miss a single minute of rest or clean a single accident. We’ll be doing all that over here.

2 thoughts on “We got a puppy

  1. The thing about, bringing home a new dog, with one that you already have at home is, that, you need to, be sure, to, give even more time to the one you already own, because, if you don’t, the one you already have at home, may, feel jealous, and, start doing things like, chewing through your walls, doing his or her business all over the house, to get your attention, but, if you had already, established the firmness of treatment in your first dog, taught her/him what is and isn’t acceptable, then, you will have, no problems, getting that new puppy to, get along well with, the dog you have already, then again, maybe your older pet will, socialize your new pet, it all depend on their, personalities, I guess, but, I’ve never had two dogs, at separate times, we went to the pet shop to get them together, and, they were from the, same litter, so.

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