Where the kibble is just not good enough

Well, I might have mentioned that we have 2 dogs. They’re akitas and we love them dearly. As caring doggie parents, we try to take good care of them, walk them, hug them and feed them good food.

Believe it or not, our search for just the right kibble for these two has been a labour of love that took years. We’re not newcomers at the dog food store. We’ve had other fussy eaters before but Ocean, our little princess, beats them all.

Only kibble? I want to register a complaint with the chef.

River, our tubby guy, will eat anything not nailed to the floor. That, itself is an issue, because we don’t want him to be unhealthy.

Breakfast was exhausting.

So, our kibble has to be perfect for both Ocean and River because to have 2 different brands would send us over the edge into insanity. We have searched, asked experts, compared the tiny ingredient writing in the bags and changed our minds a hundred times. Finally, we have one that we agree on and that our doggies like.

So, what do we do? We add things to it.

That pale stuff in there? That’s tuna. Yeap. We don’t eat it…but we buy it for our dogs

8 thoughts on “Where the kibble is just not good enough

  1. We get relatively cheap wet dog food and put a spoonful on the kibble and stir it in. Works wonders. Now finding kibble that they both digest well? That’s impossible….

  2. My Akita girl is a definite fish dog. All three of my dogs (the other two boys are Aussie sheps) eat mostly a fish-based kibble (usually a whitefish) and a raw component based in beef that I make myself. Nyssa has never been picky, but she gravitates toward fish flavors. Which I don’t mind, since I think it helps to keep them leaner over a lifetime. She has hip dysplasia mildly, so that will be important. Your Akitas are lovely, I had a male many years ago, and decided to get a female this time. She is my first female dog as well, and she is amazing. They are truly one-of-a-kind.

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