I absolutely loved that poem, from the first word to the last. It’s powerful, beautiful, achingly sad and so captivating. Loved it! A huge thanks to Trent for sharing that wonderful poem.

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adamickes-childsboots Copyright – Adam Ickes


The great forest is long gone, now a scattering of towns, fields and little tamed woods.  The wild rivers have been enslaved, giving their energy to great engines of commerce.  The thunder of hooves no longer rolls across the prairie.  Crystal pure lakes now lap waves with an oily sheen onto dead shores.


We are gone, but we are not forgotten.  People use and misuse our image.  But it is in the land where we are missed.


The wind still calls our names.  The ground still rises up in anticipation of our footfalls.  The land remembers.



I know this is cultural appropriation of the worst kind, but it was the first thing I thought of when I saw the picture.  And it was done with respect to the original peoples of this land.


Word count = 100

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