Dog breeds to avoid according to vets

You go to a breeder, where you find adorable little balls of puppies and one seems to recognize you on sight. It’s true love and you bring this little bundle home only to see it get sick. Panicked, you run to the vet where you find you find out: Oh, this breed is known for being sick.

In breeding dogs, like anything, there’s science and a bit of luck but if you’re interested in knowing which are the hardiest breeds, check out this post by a vet in the UK.
 Shar Peis may be cute, but they don't make good pets due to their 'neoplasia pre-ordained', according to the post

Nothing is ever completely guaranteed, of course, but when I hear the same breed is troublesome by several vets, I start to wonder. Bulldogs, for example, are a breed that I would buy in a minute. With their adorable wrinkles, super cute faces and hilarious personalities, I’d fall in love with one or two or three…But they seem to be in every vets’ list of unhealthiest dogs.

Image result for bulldog

It isn’t easy to keep my heart away from those gentle-eyed doggies. I could easily get attached. But I remember how painful it was to have our bullmastiffs get sick over and over and hear them cry in pain. By comparison, our two akitas are as healthy as weeds.

Image result for german shepherd

So, there you have it. Some information on doggie breeds that might be helpful to you.

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