This was today

This was today. The tree in question was too close to the hydro lines and it had to come down. Believe it or not, there’s a man inside that orange bucket and he has a chainsaw.

The Chipper shredding

The men came armed with the truck, chainsaws and brought friends who had ‘The Chipper’. This latest machine was like something out of a Stephen King book. It was a massive yellow thing that ate thick branches of wood and shredded everything in seconds. The teeth and noise it made made me shudder in horror for quite some time. Once shredded, the tree became mulch.

Oblivious to my horror, the workers would shove the branches in, pushing at bits when they got stuck in the machine. When their hands would disappear in the massive maw, I couldn’t help but flinch. They saw my expression and laughed.

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