Good news and bad news

We finally have power. It’s a beautiful thing and it comes along with wonderful gifts such as hot showers, internet and TV.

On the other hand, our dishwasher seemed to find the lack of electricity too much to bear and it died. Now, our dishes are cleaned a la hand. We have insurance for just such an event but the reaction time of the repair person might be eons. Or longer.


4 thoughts on “Good news and bad news

      • I have always lived places with no dishwasher (starring in college), so now that I have one, at least in my “vacation” cottage, I don’t think of using it. Growing up, if there was one speck of dirt on any dish, the dish washer made them all look awful, so we put as much time and effort into rinsing them as we would have if we had just washed them in the first place. Turned me off on dishwashers…

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