On dogs and leashes: A question

I wasn’t sure about writing this post. This blog is about positive things and this is not in line with that. If you’re someone that’s sensitive about animals, I caution you to read no further.

I was walking my doggies yesterday and we walked by a group of people sitting and chatting. They had two dogs. One wasn’t on a leash and it attacked us.

A horrible dog fight ensued.

Rest assured, my lovely reader that there were no injuries. At least none of the type that leave blood behind. Still, there were bites and the other dog left limping.

And I was a shaky mess by the time it was all over.

I called the city to report the incident and they gave me some recommendations. Of course, they would prefer everyone keep their dog on a leash or behind a fence so that this sort of incident doesn’t happen. But, since some people don’t, they recommended carrying dog spray. Apparently, the spray doesn’t do any permanent damage but will stop a dog from attacking.

I thought I’d share this incident and ask for ideas. Does anyone else have experience with this and do they have any suggestions? (hopefully one that doesn’t involve hurting any of the dogs)

16 thoughts on “On dogs and leashes: A question

  1. I think we need to find a product to use against the dog owner instead of the dog. Well, yes, protect your dogs from attack, but beat it into the stupid owners brains that it is not OK to let their dogs run loose off leash.

  2. Most people who leave their dogs off-leash are the same irresponsible people who can’t control their dogs. My biggest pet peeve! I’ve had many dogs attack my dogs in the past by the same owners who say their dog is friendly. They’ve gotten a verbal scolding from my hubby 😁 Now when they see us with our new pooch, they cross to the other side of the road.

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