Little Leonard

First of all, be warned that I’m sick, my head is fuzzy, I can’t concentrate, so only the gods know how this post is going to go. As well, there are some pictures here that might be upsetting to those of you who are sensitive to violence against animals. Please be careful when you scroll down.

I had to tell you about this little puppy, Leonard. He was found by a passerby and he was really hurt. There were acid burns on most of his body and he was barely moving on the side of the road in the snow. Thank goodness a kind person found him and brought him to the local shelter where they took care of him and he started recovering. It was there that they named him Leonard.

I heard about him through the local news. Little Leonard is a rottweiler puppy that is now starting to act more like a puppy and less like a very sick dog and has won the hearts of pretty much everyone in the local shelter and the rural city council…and, of course, ours too.

I know those pictures look awful but he’s already doing better. The city council put his story on the news and basically everyone in this rural area called, interested in giving the little fellow a good home. They were simply swamped by offers (yes, I called as well, then wrote a letter and then emailed them…).

I don’t want to focus on how Leonard came to be hurt. I believe in compassion and understanding above all things but I can truly understand what James Herriot meant when he said:

“I could do terrible things to people who dump unwanted animals by the roadside.”

No. To think of how Leonard came to be this way is incredibly upsetting. So, instead, I want to focus on the fact that Leonard will have a lovely home and will recover. I want to focus on the fact that this community came together to help him and that someone went out of their way to pick him up and take care of him when he needed it most.

Maybe Leonard might even come to live with two fluffy akita doggies.

2 thoughts on “Little Leonard

  1. Oh, dear! What a precious guy he is. I like you attitude. Anger doesn’t do the sweetie any good. Your community sounds like wonderful place to live, for people and animals. Let us know more of his story as it unfolds.

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