Where my hubby goes slightly nuts

I have to admit, I’m not particularly fussy about a clean car. I have my Jeep and I truly adore my vehicle, but if it’s dirty or has a few dog hairs…well, it’s a Jeep. In my mind, that’s just adding personality to it.

My lovely hubby has another perspective completely. His new truck needs to be clean. And not just simply clean, meticulously clean. To the point that you could perform surgery on its hood.

To achieve this, my man has all sorts of weapons against dirt at his disposal and he’s not afraid to use them. All the time. But even those aren’t enough to keep his standards of cleanliness up to stuff and, once in a while, he takes his truck to a hidden, little known place where like-minded people go nuts around the truck and clean the thing to microscopic standards.

Then he drives the truck at 10 km/h so that nothing hits or dirties it.

And then this happens.

The birds obviously also like the truck.


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