My pros and cons of a plant-based diet

Almost 6 months into the plant-based diet, I have put together a little list of my pros and cons. I had some questions going in, like would it be more expensive? Would I have trouble adjusting? Can I still eat out? So, here’s what I found out, good and bad.


The Good Stuff:

  • It feels super healthy and good to eat this way. Every time I take a bite, I’m putting good stuff in my body and it feels like a pat on the back. Just goodness for my body over and over.

(credit:She Said Beauty)

  • I feel better. My body feels better and I know my stomach and insides feel better too. That’s a huge bonus because I used to feel slightly sick or super-full after meals. I don’t anymore.


  • My taste buds have changed. It’s true. A silly green apple tastes like an incredible treat. I have no idea why or how but I love eating things that before were consumed only because they were good for me.

(credit:Tip Top Lifestyle)

The Bad Stuff:

  • I can’t eat out. My hubby has been hounding me trying to get me to go out to restaurants but the truth is the only things that are vegan there are salads that contain two sad little ingredients. That’s not a meal and helping him by peeling large amounts of crab legs at a buffet is not my idea of a good time. We have managed to find ethnic restaurants that do cater more towards vegans but it’s still tough.

(credit:The Family Dinner)

  • It’s more work. I used to eat whatever there was around the house not really giving what I put in my body any thought. Now, on Sunday I strategize the meals for the week and research what we’re going to eat in everything from breakfast to snacks. It’s work.

  • I do miss some things, like cheese and butter. It’s hard to have toast without butter and nothing vegan is close to melted cheese. Those things are tough to replace.

(credit:Bountiful Blessings Market –


I haven’t found it more expensive to eat this way. I thought it would be, but I forgot just how expensive meat and fish can be. So, financially, this hasn’t been a struggle.

(credit:herbs and spice and other things nice)

As much as I love furry creatures, I didn’t do this for them. I did it because I thought it’d be better for my health. As it turns out, you can be a good, healthy vegan or an unhealthy one (fries and chips can be vegan friendly), so that’s not a great reason to continue.

(credit:Nichole Bernier)

So, will I continue? I go to have some blood work done this week and that will pretty much determine if I continue or not. If I find I’m deficient in some vitamins or supplements, I will change for my own health. But, right now, I’m still sticking with it.

(credit:My Raised Bed Florida Vegetable Garden)


17 thoughts on “My pros and cons of a plant-based diet

  1. I found that when we ate a completely plant-based diet, it was cheaper than eating meat everyday. Now? We mostly eat plants and sometimes meat. I missed my cheese too much 🙂

    • The blood work was all fine. The only issue was that I had too much vitamin B12 (though I checked with my doctor and he said that’s fine). I was really interested to know that I can be healthy on a vegan diet. I was worried I might miss some vitamin or iron or something. It was great to know it can be done and won’t hurt you.

    • Good for you for giving a plant-based diet a try! I certainly am no expert on what should or should not go into a vegan diet. I would hate to guide you wrong. But let me know how it goes!

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  3. I am curious if you are still doing plant-based and how it is going? I just started a month ago. I find that I am not starving but I am having some stomach issues (mostly bloated belly) until I get used to this new way of life. But I did this primarily for diet purposes and have only managed to lose 2-3 lbs this month. That is super slow going in my opinion. Interested in hearing more about your experience.

    • I am mixing it up because my lovely hubby refused to continue. It does take a bit to get used to (all the veggies and beans and such). Be warned, it also takes a while to get unused to. I didn’t do it to lose weight, I wanted to be healthier. I do enjoy the veggies and fruits and grains and such, though and it’s hard for me to leave them. So I mostly follow the plan…until the weekend when my hubby and I go out and then all bets are off. 😀

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