The first snow fall

The first snow fall always catches me unaware. Ridiculous, I know. I mean, we get snow every blessed year. I should be used to it by now.

I never am.

The first snow fall usually comes with a nasty, cutting wind and this year was no exception. It’s the type of wind that makes you realize all others were just jokes. This one means business. It cuts into your cheeks and ears with sharp little teeth until you don’t care one iota what the hair is going to look like, you put on the hat. It slides, biting into your fingers while you fumble for keys and numbs all exposed surfaces instantly.

Was the wind always this cold? This year, the wind was flying by at 50km/h. At that speed, it was cold enough to suck the breath right out of you and leave you gasping in seconds. Trying to see is pretty futile. Not only are your eyes watering like mad to keep away frostbite, but it’s pitch black in the morning.

And was driving in the stuff always this tricky? Did my hands always hurt like this? Were mittens this useless? When is summer coming back? This is going to be a long winter.

My dogs too are in shock. They run around the white stuff as if they’ve never seen it before. They drive into drifts and roll around in mounds of the stuff. They stick their heads into it and sniff, trying to find scents, then they run around delighted.

I can see that they too have forgotten what snow is like but for very different reasons than mine. Was the snow always this soft? Did we always roll around on it and jump around? Was it really this much fun? How long is this going to last? This is going to be a long winter.




2 thoughts on “The first snow fall

  1. LOL. I’m always skeptical of people who say they love snow. Living in Alaska, I tolerate snow. I don’t love it. I deal with it. 😉 Glad to see I’m not the only one thinking like that!

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