Sneak Review: The Girl on the Train

I have to admit, the book is not romance and not on my list of books to read this year or even on my radar when I saw it. I shouldn’t have read it. I’m a romance fan and I should have integrity…but a friend lent it to me if I wanted to give it a try. It was free and in my hands. I just couldn’t resist.

The Girl on the Train is a thriller. It’s the story of Rachel, who travels back and forth on the train every day to London and, one day witnesses something on one of the houses nearby that makes her a witness to a tragedy.

Because it’s a thriller, I don’t want to reveal what happens, not even a little bit. You can go on line and find those spoilers there for you, but I don’t want to harm the reading experience of those potential readers by disclosing too much. Instead, I’ll ramble on about what I liked about this book and what I thought of it.

For one, the tone. It’s written in the first person and, when done right, that’s captivating. My impression of Rachel was both powerful and personal. I knew her inside out within a couple of chapters.

The other thing that’s done really well is the pace. It grew slowly and picked up speed gently, almost without letting me realize it, I was suddenly flipping pages and things were going nuts. I stopped doing anything else and ignored my husband because I had to finish this book.

Since it’s set in London, the tone and expressions of every character is very British. I loved that. It was so accurate that I could practically hear the accent. I particularly loved the setting and the tea references. So UK.

It was realistic. That was something else I appreciated about it immensely. It didn’t have a radical, extraordinary ending that threw everything else I had read into question. No, the ending actually answered questions and fit like a beautiful final piece into the rest of the story.

Now, if you’d like to try this book, I think you can already tell that I would definitely recommend it, it’s written by Paula Hawkins and it’s her first book. It’s a bestseller, so there are definitely a lot of people out there who’d recommend it but, since it’s her first book, there aren’t any more to read until she comes out with the next one. I have a solution to that dilemma. If you like this book, I’d recommend Sandra Brown. I know she writes romance but it’s thriller romance and absolutely a page-turner. If you like this one, you’ll also love Sandra Brown.






9 thoughts on “Sneak Review: The Girl on the Train

  1. Ooooh! The review sure makes me want to read it! I’ll check if my library has it. And I very much appreciate that you didn’t spoil any of the important tidbits. Thanks!

  2. I got it from the library (yay) and have just started it. I can’t say I love the protagonist right now, but I am sure I will get hooked soon. I can feel that there is something there that I just have to keep reading to discover. We’ll see how it goes! Thanks again!

  3. I had a hard time getting into the book, at first, because I didn’t find the main character all that relatable. But now that I’m well into the book, and the intrigue is getting more complex, it’s really taken off and I find myself looking forward to my reading time in the evenings! Thanks for recommending it!

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  5. I second that, such a good book! Also, the setting of travelling into London VIA the train is so realistic. Very English, and very much what it’s like. In the film, set in the US, the houses are so far away from the tracks, that it spoiled it for me. In London you can see literally straight through into peoples bedrooms etc. In short it’s an amazing book!

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