Ridiculous doesn’t cover it…

So, we have a dog house. But our dog house is custom-built thing that has shingles on the roof and everything. The entrance is separated from the house but facing the wall so that the rain doesn’t bother our pampered pooches as they enter. It also has a nice, warm blanket inside and treats for our fluffy doggies.

This lovely invention came via my hubby, the therapist, who decided our dogs might be winter dogs but the weather in Canada was too harsh for their delicate constitutions. He also bought them an assortment of toys to keep them mentally motivated while they’re outside. Not to mention the massive boulders they’ve now learned to climb and to use to play.

When I heard he was also looking for a heated water bowl for them, I knew I had to put it on the blog.

But the final straw was what he said yesterday…

He thinks we should get a third dog because two is just not enough to make a comfortable doggy pack.


12 thoughts on “Ridiculous doesn’t cover it…

      • We have a boxer and a mixed breed rescue, most likely mostly pit. Every so often she threatens getting a third, but I think she knows that there isn’t enough room on the bed for 2 cats and 3 large dogs, never mind any humans that might want to sleep there 😉

      • Yep, we’re one big pack, including the cats! We crated our first dog at night for a big chunk of his life and so when we started letting him sleep with us it was such a huge thing for him that when we got the next we let him up from day 1.

      • Isn’t that beautiful? I love hearing stories about animals that find such caring, loving people like you guys! We often hear about cruelty and neglect with animals. It’s so wonderful to hear that there are some lucky ones who get a wonderful home like yours. That’s awesome, Trent!

      • Thanks. I can tell your dogs are well cared for – maybe too well with that fancy new house full of toys 😉 I think most people are actually good to their furry family, but we often hear only about the bad people who abuse them.

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