Review: The Look of Love

The Look of Love is the first book in the Sullivan Series. I always like first books in a series because it means there are more to come and, if I like it, more awesome books. So I was really excited about this one.

Though this book deals with a very serious topic, wife abuse, it’s still a light and fluffy read. A great book to have for those hot summer days with a drink by a pool. We get to meet Chloe who ends up stuck in a ditch and meets Chase by accident (sorry about that pun).

Having just come out of a terrible relationship, Chloe is more than a little skeptical about Chase, who seems too good to be true. Still, he persists, helping her, giving her a place to stay and support when she needs it most. Chloe resists, very hesitantly at first then cautiously but Chase is the best sort of hero, patient, devoted and super kind. Eventually, he wins her love and things only get better for poor Chloe.

There is danger in The Look of Love but this story didn’t make me bite my nails. I felt safe and in good hands during the entire tale. Some might argue that it doesn’t do justice to such an important, difficult topic as spousal abuse, but I didn’t go into this story hoping for a realistic rendering, I was hoping for a love story and in that sense, this book delivers beautifully. It’s certainly a great, light summer read and that’s why I would recommend it.



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