Trying out new things

I’m trying out new authors…well, new to me. A friend recommended Karen Rose and another recommended Robyn Carr, so I thought I’ll check them out.

Now, I think I might have mentioned I’m a bit of a scary cat. Well, Karen Rose took that fear to a complete new level…and that was just by reading the cover. Since she’s a romance author and highly recommended, I’m going to grit my teeth and give her book 100%…though I might have to hug my doggies while I turn the pages. I’ll definitely let you know how that goes.

Robyn Carr is sweet, contemporary romance and I’m super excited to read her book. The premise of this story is one I just adore so I’ve been stealing moments here and there to read. I’ll let you know what I thought and rant on and on about the entire thing.

Someone else also recommended Catherine Anderson. She too writes contemporary romance. I just haven’t got my paws on one of her books. Obviously, an emergency trip to the used book store is in order.

All this means that, after reading these, I could find a new beloved author…and that’s just amazing. I can’t thank my friends enough for sending me to Karen Rose, Catherine Anderson and Robyn Carr. Even if they don’t tickle my fancy, a recommendation is a gift full of good wishes and that in itself is awesome. If I do find a new great author, I’ll be over the moon.



What about you? Do you have any favourite romance authors you’d like to share? 😀

3 thoughts on “Trying out new things

  1. I would definitely have your doggies close by when you read Karen Rose! The killers tend to be scary, but the chemistry and connection between the characters and the thrills tend to make up for it, which is the reason I thought of you 😀 Let me know what you think. I haven’t read Robyn Carr or Catherine Anderson, so I’ll be hunting those down – thanks for that! Happy reading!

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