Review: Mean Streak

Sandra Brown usually does mystery and I’m not a big fan of that genre. Having said that, I loved Mean Streak. It’s got a fantastic plot, a mystery simple enough that it kept the romance alive, and a beautiful love story. Add to that, the amazing Sandra-Brown-touch with cliffhangers and you have a page-turner that I just couldn’t put down.

The plot was awesome. It stars with a prologue. Not a huge one, so I didn’t get put off, but it left me hanging and I had to read on to find out what happened. Emory is our heroine and she’s an accomplished doctor who likes to run. I immediately liked her. Running endeared her to me even if her personality hadn’t been awesome, but it was. She’s determined and tough and will keep trying no matter what. I loved her.

She’s training for a marathon and has an ‘accident’, then wakes up captive by a very intimidating man. He’s our hero and will remain nameless, like he is for quite a bit of the book, but he’s really awesome. He’s gruff, introverted, cryptic and just as determined to do the right thing as she is. While he’s presented as mean-looking, I was almost immediately won over because he’s incredibly gentle and kind to Emory, taking care of her to his own detriment and putting all other considerations aside.

The mystery of who hurt Emory keeps the book going, though for me, the big issue was how the hero and heroine were going to get together. Finally, when things are explained, it wasn’t so complicated that I couldn’t make out what happened or understand it. And there was a happy ending, which made the romantic-lover in me grin with delight.

Mean Streak was so much fun. It was easy to read, incredibly addictive and not too gory. I would recommend it strongly for any Sandra Brown fans, anyone who likes mystery and anyone who’s into romance. It’s got a special place on my keeper shelf and has me looking for more books from this author.



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12 thoughts on “Review: Mean Streak

  1. Hey, Taylor. I just finished Mean Streak and I absolutely LOVED it! The suspense was wonderful – I was totally gripped throughout. And I really enjoy it when I’m taken by surprise. I was totally surprised by the motel room scene with Jack (I won’t say more than that for Spoilers). Thanks again for the recommendation. I will be searching out more Sandra Brown books!

    • OMG!!! I’m sooo glad you liked it! And that you were surprised. I was totally stunned over and over with the twists and cliffhangers in the book. Ah…the motel room scene was awesome. I had no clue it was going to go that way.
      Thank you so much for letting me know how you liked it. I thought of you when I was reading it because your writing also got me holding my breath and turning those pages to see what was going to happen next and I was biting my nails with fear of what might happen!
      Let me know if you find another great read!

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