Internet woes

I had arranged for the Wi-fi guy to arrive the very day we moved so we wouldn’t be without our beloved internet for even one night but, as luck would have it, the guy didn’t show up until the following week. For five days, we had no TV, no cell phone service and no Wi-Fi.

It got ugly.



Now, I have lived without them before. When I was a teen there was no internet and, back further, I can remember days when TV meant only a couple of channels. I know what it’s like to not have these luxuries. I also remember driving around in Europe in a car without seat belts. My point is, I like these things. They make me happy.



Things seem so much easier now that we have Wi-Fi, cells and roughly a million TV channels. How did we manage to do research before the internet? How did we share gossip? It seems like the internet is necessary for just about everything. These five days, I felt completely cut off without it.

When the guy showed up to connect us, I was beyond desperate to see him.

Buuuuut…I was also deep in a book.

So, I ignored the sound of the bell and let my hubby answer the door.





7 thoughts on “Internet woes

  1. I’d probably go mad if my internet and TV went AWOL, but then just like I would bury myself in a good book…or read a newspaper or spend time with my hobbies, friends etc. It would be a good opportunity for me to get out a bit. Hope everything’s fixed now.


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