What I’m reading…


(credit: goodreads.com)

(credit: goodreads.com)

Strangers in the night is a story collection from Linda Howard. It has three short stories, all romance written by her. If you’ve never tried Linda Howard, this is a great way to see if you like her because those stories are really short. There’s no commitment.

Personally, I love Linda Howard and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this puppy simply because I hadn’t read these three stories by her. Short or long, she’s simply awesome.




(credit: goodreads.com)

(credit: goodreads.com)


Mean Streak is a mystery-romance by Sandra Brown. Sandra Brown is a fantastic author and I loved the premise of this book. It’s the story of a kidnapping and that idea had me already interested. A man, her captive stuck in a cabin in the mountains? Love it.

I’d also highly recommend Sandra Brown to anyone who likes mystery or a show like CSI or Criminal Minds. She’s a master twists and plots that leave you hanging in the best of ways.



(credit: goodreads.com)

(credit: goodreads.com)


Indecent proposal was another must-have because of the plot. It’s a forced marriage and it’s one of those plots that I love. Add a great writer and you’ve got a book that I read under 3 hours. It was absolutely delicious.

I haven’t read Molly O’Keefe before this one and I was delighted to find she’s awesome. Finding a great author is like discovering a precious gem. Such a gift!



I’m reading these three right now and I’ll share my thoughts on them coming up on this humble little blog. If you’ve read them, feel free to share yours too!

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