Still thinking…

It’s been a while and I’m still thinking about changing things here in this humble blog. And still not sure. Hm…

No one can ever accuse me of rushing into change.



I like predictability and patterns. And I had those in my little blog. I actually had a schedule of posts. Each day of the week got a different post and I knew what to write depending on what day it was.

Now, I’m considering throwing my schedule to the wind and going off into the future schedule-less…

Who knows what’s going to happen next?

5 thoughts on “Still thinking…

  1. I am thinking, too, about how you might do things differently but still be yourself and whatnot.

    You were posting a lot for awhile. Do you feel like you were posting too much?

    Also, you’ve done a lot of regular features, which give you a structure and tell you when to post, but don’t allow for much license in the putting together of content.

    So, I suppose, the bee in your bonnet is telling you something, and you have to decide what it is telling you.

    Is it telling you the blog is occupying too much of your life-space? Or is it telling you that you are using too many formulae?

    I’d think it would be one or the other, or some combination of the two.

    • You hit it right on the head, Gene’O! The blog is taking up too much of my life-space. I also thought it’d be more fun to have more creativity in my posts but my real concern was the time. Thank you for your ongoing support and insight!

      • I say go for the more creativity in the posts you do write.

        As for cutting back: This is exactly why I’m going mostly-weekly with my personal blog. So far, it’s not hurt me. Of course, I get fewer views during the week since I’m not posting, but when I do post, I get just as many reads as I was getting per post when I was posting more frequently. And more of my readers are able to keep up and read every word, since the posts sit on the front page longer.

        Consistency is the key, I think. Whatever you do, even if you just do a couple of free-style posts a week, try and publish on the same day(s) every week.

        I like Saturday mornings and Monday mornings for weekly posting.

      • Thanks so much for the tips and help, Gene’O! I didn’t know which way to go and this really helps. Awesome insight! Thank you so much! I’m going to try and follow your tips!

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