Review: Stolen

I had to read Stolen. Bitten was so good, it left me wanting more.

Stolen is the second book in the Otherworld series. It has Elena and Clayton, our heroes from the former book, but it also introduces other characters and villains.  It continues where the other left off, which delighted me, but puts Elena in a fix, which worried me.

Stolen opens the Otherworld series wide. There are witches here and vampires and demons and shamans and every other creature you could think of. That didn’t bother me but Elena gets kidnapped and is stuck deep underground by a group of nasty scientist-like villains and that worried me. A lot. There’s something about mad geniuses doing experiments that scares me silly.

Before you get all antsy, I’ll let you know that things turn out okay. Elena rules the day, Clayton is awesome still and they come out winners, even manage to make a few new friends on the way. Still, I bit my nails to the quick.

Kelley Armstrong delivers another great read with Stolen. The reading is fluid and magnetic. Elena and Clayton are as inspiring as they were the first time around. There is humour sprinkled in that made me adore the book and though there were some terrifying moments, I think most readers won’t be as antsy as I am and they’d love this book. So, if you’re a fan of romance, or like a mystery or drama or even like a bit of a rush, this book is for you. Don’t panic if you haven’t read the first, this one does a great job of covering the basis and introducing you to the Otherworld series. I’d highly recommend it.



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4 thoughts on “Review: Stolen

  1. I’m not ashamed to admit that I loved the Twilight series. The cover of stolen reminds me of that and I suppose the similarity is in no way a coincidence. If this series can hold my attention the way Twilight did, I’m all in. I am going to see if our library has Bitten. Thank you for the recommendation!

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