Top 5 Posts for February

A short little month, February was pretty hectic in this humble little blog. Visitors dropped by and liked these five posts more than any others. Here they are, for your reading pleasure.

5. Starting out at number five was my unfortunate issue with make up, The Lipstick Fiasco.

4. Close behind was number four in which I share some of our daily issues in a Weekend Coffee Share.

3. I just wanted to come clean in this one. Instead, this became a huge hit with readers and stands at number 3, Those Tempting Blog Stats.

2. People love my little round up of posts at the end of the week and this Posts I loved this Week ended up at number two!

1. Finally, this was another post where I meant to come clean about a habit of mine. Instead of shaming me for not sharing, people were incredibly supportive and told me how much they could relate! Here’s the number one post for February, The 4 Horrors of Book-Lending.

A huge thank you to everyone who reads and comments my little shout outs to the world. Thank you for your interest and support!


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